Can anything be done to cure a Morton’s neuroma other than orthotics or surgery?

Answer Hey, why are you eliminating the surgery? I did it 23 years ago. There is no reason to live with the pain when there is such an easy cure. The procedure takes only a few minutes and you are free... Read More »

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Two problems, at the foot, and at the back. With the reminder that you would likely "favor" that foot by walking 'differently', and possibly cause some back issues.Start with the foot. It's your ba... Read More »

Can morton's neuroma come back after surgery?

On One Hand: There is good chance it will return after surgeryMorton's neuroma can be treated with different types of surgery. Either the neuroma is excised or a nerve causing compression is cut. A... Read More »

What are ways to fix/cure TMJ without surgery?

If it is caught early, it will probably respond to resting the muscles and joints by eating soft foods, not chewing gum, avoiding clenching or tensing, and relaxing muscles with moist heat (1/2 hou... Read More »

Which age can i have a laser eye surgery to cure myopia im 16 now?

Maybe you should consider doing it the natural way...…