Can anyone tell that you've had sex?

Answer No they can not.

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Is there anyone that has been through a heart transplant, that can tell me what to expect before and after?

Having a 'valve job' is similar to a transplant in the respect that they are both cardiac surgeries...and recover times are similar. Where to start..well if you need a new 'pump' then you probably ... Read More »

Is there anyone that can tell me of a restaurant in Phoenix,AZ area that serves Fried Clams with the bellies.?

check these out PP:Taylor's Chowder House3528 W. Calavar Road, Phoenix(602) 978-1815Rating: Price: $20-$40This Back East seafood restaurant knows its deep-fried way around the likes of clams, oyste... Read More »

Can you tell me some stupid mistakes youve done when u first learned how to drive?

dont even worry about it, we can make you feel a lot better. I was really tired one morning after driving all night, and on an unfamiliar road driving about 35 or 40 mph. I shot past this speed lim... Read More »

Can anyone tell me about emotions that are stored in the body?

suppressed emotions get stored in the muscles and manifest as tension after a while. and whenever someone pushes the pain button, a burst out can happen or you suppress even more and the tension in... Read More »