Can anyone tell me who Jack is?

Answer I pray dear Maggie Baby will not be offended if I borrow her adage. I fear your servants have become quite cheeky and may have in reality repeated Maggie's opinion that you don't know Jack. You'v... Read More »

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Can someone tell me who 'Jack' is?

He's the cable guy -Here's his number...0800 0800 0800 2Thanks

Can anyone tell me how to tell a humorous experience I had at my family reunion?

you shot them all then , gave them a wedgie and drowned there cat

I was raped a few weeks ago, and I feel like I can't tell anyone because I liked parts of it. Should I tell?

Any time a woman is raped, there are many feelings involved that are confusing and overwhelming. Guilt, shame, fear, helplessness,etc. are a part of having your power taken away from you. You shou... Read More »

Has anyone tried Magic Jack?

I also LOVE mine, but the install process is NOT as quick and simple as you saw in that TV commercial (deceptive). It's easy, but not THAT easy!For any that haven't seen it on TV, they show a 10 y... Read More »