Can anyone tell me what this means?

Answer Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!Go to the doctor!

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I really need help on my FAFSA, can anyone tell me what this means?

You can't make corrections to your fafsa until AFTER it's processed. So that is going to delay everything. Honestly, it's better to make sure you understand and answer ALL the questions correctly... Read More »

Can anyone tell me what "Hyperlink" means?

Try here for info…

Would you look at this photo and tell me what this line before the crosswalk means when you are driving?

That is where cars are supposed to stop so they don't block the crosswalk.

Can someone tell me what this means please?

HaHaI've noticed that nobody is answering this question. It's just because nobody knows what the answer is. I think it means that there is someone who wants "authorized" financial aid. I looked ... Read More »