Can anyone tell me what sickness i have?

Answer I'm not a doctor...but I am a daddysounds like the flu.drink plenty of water...even if it comes back...and see the doc.Hang in there and get well soon!

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Anyone have any data on colloidal silver to treat various sickness ?

Colloidal silver is a powerful bacteriostatic agent that is supposed to be good for a long list of health problems.A Yahoo search for "colloidal silver" + "health benefits" will tell you much more.

Can you tell if you're pregnant by how much vaginal mucus you secrete and do you have to have morning sickness every day or can it be every other day?

Answer every women is different with morning sickness so dont think you should have to be like evryone else. somedays you may get it in the afternoon or night or morning if your really unlucky you ... Read More »

Can anyone tell me what kind of results they have had with HOODIA in regards to weight loss?

Pat:There are no known side effects of hoodia at the moment. I say, "at the moment" because hoodia diet pills haven't been around that long. They were introduced on a mass scale in 2004. We don't k... Read More »

What sickness do I have?

It sound like either a virus, strep throat , flu or mono! Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water .