Can anyone tell me what is a blog?

Answer Simply put: it is a Web Log.A journal that you post online.For ANY subject you would like.

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Can anyone tell me a cool blog name?

1. amazing things 2. what Eddie speaks 3.priceless things.4.things on demand.5.hello World6.Golden sparrow Speaks

Does anyone know what a BLOG is?

a blog is ur online journal. You can write or post about whatever you like: updates of ur life, opinions, a great trip, favorite movies, customized ur theme, what music you're listening to -- anyth... Read More »

I might sound stupid but can somebody please tell me what a blog is?

You're not stupid. A blog is short for web log. It's an online diary or notebook of sorts. There are many popular blog sites such as Livejournal, MySpace and Google blogs. Yahoo has their own blog ... Read More »

Can you tell who a blog is following on Tumblr?

you can't unless they give you thier blog rool, or just ask must be new to tumblrwhat's your url/username?