Can anyone tell me what a traditional jewish meal would be?

Answer There are many traditional jewish meals. Most traditional meals are associated with holidays--ergo, for Shabbat (Friday night, for example,) the menu could be:Chicken Soup with Rice or if you don'... Read More »

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Traditional Jewish Music?

The three forms of traditional Jewish music are Ashkenazi, Misrachi, and Sephardi. Each form is a fusion of Israeli music with the music of the countries where the Jewish people fled following conq... Read More »

What is the traditional british meal ?

Sunday roast with all the trimmingsBangers and MashFish and chipsToad in the hole

What is your family's traditional Christmas meal?

we usually head down to the soup kitchen at the local church. it's good and we don't have to wash our dishes afterwards.edit: hey thanks... i'm sure your family smells better than those guys at t... Read More »

Ideas for a Traditional Thanksgiving Meal?

Thanksgiving is a fall celebration of thanks for good health, family and a bountiful harvest. The first Thanksgiving, in 1621, was celebrated by English pilgrims and native Americans, and, although... Read More »