Can anyone tell me what a flash drive is?

Answer A USB flash drive consists of flash memory data storage device integrated with a USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface. USB flash drives are typically removable and rewritable, much smaller than a f... Read More »

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How to Tell the Speed of a Flash Drive?

Flash drives come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are also come in many different storage capacities and speeds. To the average person, the use of a flash drive is sporadic, but to those tha... Read More »

Does anyone know how to use a usb flash drive?

First you plug it in. Then open your My Computer folder, and double click to open the drive where your flash drive shows up.(It's the E drive on mine) After that, just drag and drop your files on t... Read More »

Does anyone know where to buy a USB flash drive?

There's so many places, Staples(good time now since it's back to school time), Wal-mart, or even on eBay( I got an 8GB for $5). But the deal you found looks good, also here on eBay. http://www.ebay... Read More »

I have an 8GB flash drive and a .img disk image of Windows 7. How do I make a bootable flash drive?

I Was Asking Myself The Same Question Until I Found This Video And I Installed Windows 7 With No Problems, In Fact I Am Writing To You On The Computer I Have Installed Windows 7 With The USB, But r... Read More »