Can anyone tell me the best way to stop my false teeth falling out?

Answer It's those sharp triangles on those cucumber sandwiches! They'll get you every time. Don't ya know that Polident has that gasket grip? Head to the local drugstore first thing in the morning. Or wai... Read More »

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Can anyone explain Fake teeth are they different to false teeth?

Kate has veneers, that she paid thousands for. And they occasionally come off, they are glued to the original teeth. And it does prevent you eating some things. Much nicer than having dentures I gu... Read More »

If I have a dream about all my teeth falling out; what does it mean?

It's a fear of loosing something that will change your life and force to rethink stuff that you take for granted.You may also have a subconcoius fear that something about you is changing in a frigh... Read More »

When should your baby teeth be done falling out?

Who invented false teeth?

The invention of false teeth--which are more commonly known as dentures--dates back to 700 B.C. The Etruscans of ancient Italy produced the first dentures by using human and animal teeth. These ear... Read More »