Can anyone tell me the best way to stop my false teeth falling out?

Answer It's those sharp triangles on those cucumber sandwiches! They'll get you every time. Don't ya know that Polident has that gasket grip? Head to the local drugstore first thing in the morning. Or wai... Read More »

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Can anyone explain Fake teeth are they different to false teeth?

Kate has veneers, that she paid thousands for. And they occasionally come off, they are glued to the original teeth. And it does prevent you eating some things. Much nicer than having dentures I gu... Read More »

Can anyone tell me from personal experience what the best way to stop smoking is?

I smoked from the time I was 15 until I was 48. I was up to 3 pkg of 25 per day. I had a hard time to breath and had a really bad smokers cough. I decided to become something better. A non smoker. ... Read More »

What Holds My False Teeth in the Best?

Dentures, or dental prosthetics, are typically for people who have lost most or all of their teeth. Gripping issues, such as gum irritation, odor, slipping or clicking, may be signs that the false ... Read More »

How to Stop Falling More in Love With Your Best Friend when You Are Trying to Forget Him?

Who has never fallen in love with our dearest best friend? And we all know the hardest thing that kind of relationship is get him or her to see you as a new love choice.