Can anyone tell me some good online shops to buy computer hardware from?

Answer CCL Computers; are always good, & you could call at the warehouse if you live close. They're in West Yorkshire. I go to them first, & then ScanDot, Novatech, in that order.

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I got some pictures scanned from a shop on my floppy, can anyone tell me how to save those picture in computer?

Insert floppy. click edit>>select all, click edit>>copy go to My Documents and click edit>>'re done!

What are some Online shops for Canon digital cameras?

Purchase Canon Digital Cameras Online Ebay will certainly have Canon digital cameras, but a web search would bring up other options as well.

Good online makeup shops?

Here are a few sites that sell makeup:…The international shipping varies so I would suggest using a... Read More »

Can some computer expert tell me if this is a good idea?

Add the memory, and it would probably serve you well at that price, but be sure it's on the level. Get a refund policy in case it's D.O.A.