Can anyone tell me if labour pains can start in the top of the groin and down to the knee cap . thank you?

Answer no I think you must have strained something sounds like what I get which is siatica (nerve pain) babe must be laying funny over a nerve

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Constant severe knee pains in left knee, why?

There are many causes of this condition, it is impossible to give an accurate diagnosis without examining you and asking questions. The most likely cause is Chondromalacia; this causes knee pain un... Read More »

Can you have testicle pains after a groin pull?

Yes, groin pull can lead to testicular pain on occasion.

I am 33 weeks you have back ache and pains in your stomach are you in labour?

Is labour far off if you have been having menstrual pains and backaches and aching in your legs?

Answer No it's not. I started with backaches then menstrual problems then went into labor 5 days later. Answer it soinds as though things are starting with you. Good Luck Answer These could eit... Read More »