Can anyone tell me if and how I can put film from a camcorder onto my laptop?

Answer I'm not sure what you mean by "film", does this camcorder use some kind of film? Well if it's a new camcorder, you got some software with it, install the software, you will need a firewire cord to ... Read More »

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How can I connect my camcorder to my laptop, and record what is on my tv screen onto my laptop all at once?

You need Composite A/V OUT from TV to your camcorder - it may be the VCR that is causing problem as the CAMCORDER should act as VCR, you see, your DOUBLING IT if that makes sense...your telling you... Read More »

How do I get my HD Camcorder video onto my laptop, without it losing the quality?

You did not tell us which camera.If there is lots of compression of the video, the quality of the video will be poor. It is easy to use a pro grade standard definition quality camcorder like a Pana... Read More »

How can you put videos onto a dvd from your camcorder?

You need to go out and buy a blank DVD disc. Of course these packs are more expensive than regular CD-R's. .Make sure and find out how much information (how many hours of play) can be held onto eac... Read More »

How do you copy video from a camcorder onto a c.d.?

We do need to know what kind of video you have. If it's a mini dv camcorder you need a firewire connection (ieee 1394) in order to download video, your PC probably did not come with a firewire po... Read More »