Can anyone tell me how to get google earth please.?

Answer download itfollow this link: click on the green button in the top right corner.don't get the pro version get the free one

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Can anyone tell me what this is Look for it in google earth.?

really? oh my goodness, that must be freaky! when i typed in JUST the coordinates, I didn't see the Garden of Versailles on my screen. I wasn't even in the Garden, or near it. When I typed in the G... Read More »

Can you tell me somewhere interesting to look up on google earth please?

Anyone using google earth?

also you may like to try nasa earthwindyou can download a different `earth ` program +the moon and marsor if you download `virtual earth` you get a selection of earth sites on one page.hope this helps

Google Earth help please?

Your system specifications maybe too limited-low for this app!!.Here's system requirements.http://freegoogleearth.blogspot.comThis is a fun alternative to Google Earth, but they are down at the mom... Read More »