Can anyone tell me how to defragment my brain?

Answer ya its a simple technique, if u have the will power to continue it properly for a month, you can feel amazing changes in you, here it is how to do,1. in the evening between 6:00pm to 9:00 pm, find ... Read More »

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Can anyone tell me how to tell a humorous experience I had at my family reunion?

you shot them all then , gave them a wedgie and drowned there cat

I was raped a few weeks ago, and I feel like I can't tell anyone because I liked parts of it. Should I tell?

Any time a woman is raped, there are many feelings involved that are confusing and overwhelming. Guilt, shame, fear, helplessness,etc. are a part of having your power taken away from you. You shou... Read More »

How do you sign up for brain surge can some tell me how do i email nick studios.?

Does anyone know where a brain tumor can grow?

What you are feeling at the back of your head is skull bone. Your brain is inside that bone. You should ask your parents to see a family doctor.