Can anyone tell me how to 'accidentally' break a laptop?

Answer Well I gave my brother an old laptop that was working. He broke it enough to claim for a new one :)Most important is that the screen has to be dead. Open the laptop and hit the side of the screen o... Read More »

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How can I "accidentally" on purpose break my phone?

For one, Copy your photos, contacts etc onto a computer. Hopefully you have a USB attachement? If not just save everything to your sim.Whatever you do, dont put it near water. If they have a look a... Read More »

If you break a thermometer, accidentally of course, on a granite counter top and you touch it, can it kill u?

Don't laugh at this: Carefully gather up the mess in a little pile and cover it with an egg yolk. Let it sit for about an hour and then wipe it up with paper towels and double bag it in plastic. ... Read More »

Just now while going inside carpark, instead of pressing the break pedal, I accidentally press the accelerator?

As long as you didn't hit it you are fine. Don't worry it was a mistake, we all make them. It's a rare mistake. One time I put my car in drive instead of reverse when backing out and took out the g... Read More »

So I accidentally threw my laptop at a wall?

Throw it at the wall again. It'll fix it.