Can anyone tell me how to 'accidentally' break a laptop?

Answer Well I gave my brother an old laptop that was working. He broke it enough to claim for a new one :)Most important is that the screen has to be dead. Open the laptop and hit the side of the screen o... Read More »

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Prison break is nice show you had missed some episodes of this show anyone tell you where can you download prison break tv show with latest update and DVD format?

It's a Remington,I' m not sure which model,but it' s certainly noiseless and portable.

Can anyone tell me if and how I can put film from a camcorder onto my laptop?

I'm not sure what you mean by "film", does this camcorder use some kind of film? Well if it's a new camcorder, you got some software with it, install the software, you will need a firewire cord to ... Read More »

Can anyone tell me a good graphics/cheap!!!!!!! one for my laptop please read!!!?

ok so if u dont mind changing it, there would still be problems. your laptop's power supply might be strong enough to run the new card AND your laptop might overheat since the fan isnt strong enoug... Read More »

Can anyone tell me what's the difference between laptop and notebook Aren't they the same?