Can anyone tell me how much memory does xp need to be happy?

Answer XP should run fine on 256MB ram. In fact, I used to run it on 64MBs. It wasn't great, but it worked. Right click on "My Computer" , hit properties, and navigate to the visual effects window. Choose... Read More »

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How much memory does windows xp 64 bit need?

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition requires at least 256 MB of memory, but Microsoft recommends at least 512 MB for best performance. Additionally, the processor in your computer must be 64-bit, a... Read More »

How much centon memory does a laptop need?

The amount of centon memory needed for a laptop is dependent on the operating system and applications. For Windows Vista and office applications, at least 1 GB is recommended. High-end applications... Read More »

How much memory does Windows 2000 need?

For Windows 2000 Server, the minimum amount of memory that is supported is 128 MB with 256 MB recommended. For Windows 2000 Professional, the recommended minimum amount of memory is 32 MB, with 64 ... Read More »

How much memory does my computer need to run Skype?

Skype 4.2 (the most recent version as of July 2010) for Windows requires 256 megabytes of RAM memory to install and function properly. For Macintosh, you must have 512 megabytes of RAM in your comp... Read More »