Can anyone tell me any stardoll gift codes please I really need some money.?

Answer We all need money!

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Please anyone I really need a proxy server or something because i need to get around homesafe, its really piss?

Tor Browser should be able to get around it with not much trouble and make anything you do fairly anonymous.

I need to find some really fun websites for my sister and I we are bored and they need to be G rated please?

I have the large remote control by living solutions and need the tv codes for hitachi or quasar tv please anyone?

Please tell me if I'm overreacting... this is really long, but I need opinions!?

I don't think you're overreacting. I think that he should realize that he's gonna be a dad soon and he needs to get his act together. He sounds like a free loader to me. He needs to get off his but... Read More »