Can anyone tell me about their experience with sleep aides?

Answer Find somebody that does aromatherapy and have them mix a personal blend for you. Second best is herbal supplements. Go to and find a naturopath in your area. If you can bri... Read More »

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What causes insomnia Is there a cure Also, anything I can do to help myself, aside from taking sleep aides?

So beer is out then. Well I am out of ideas then.

What happens to people without eye during REM sleep Do they not experience it?

Wow, great question! I have no idea, now you made me wonder about that!

Has anyone ever been freaked out by "sleep paralysis" what did you experience?

It freaked me out also. Couldnt move, couldnt do a thing, couldnt even talk. Just freaking out in my head as I felt this weight on my chest as well, slowly crushing me.

What in your experience helps a baby sleep through the night?

A bath, a soothing activity before bedtime - reading or listening to music, a kiss goodnight, favourite toy, nightlights but otherwise dark, door slightly open, well ventilated