Can anyone tell me about emotions that are stored in the body?

Answer suppressed emotions get stored in the muscles and manifest as tension after a while. and whenever someone pushes the pain button, a burst out can happen or you suppress even more and the tension in... Read More »

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What Emotions Are Stored in the Hips?

The hips are home to the pelvic bone, which acts as a basin for storing old emotions. Any emotion can be stored in the hips, but old worries retained from past experience are the most common burden... Read More »

Will your body burn stored body fat during starvation mode?

Yes. A lot of people think starvation mode is when your metabolism shuts down. Although that's true that's only a small part of it. Starvation mode is when your body basically eats itself for energ... Read More »

Witch body part causes emotions?

What is stopping the body from going into its stored bodyfat?

It won't use the stored body fat until it feels it is a emergency situation, like starvation .