Can anyone tell me a model of radio to buy that could be used in Emergencies.?

Answer You can get a good emergency radio for less than $100:……

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I want to buy a camera that could be used to take amatuer model pictures. How many megapixels should it be ?

If you want to buy camera for only high quality picture then you shoud take any model of nikon.Nikon give varieties of camera with high megapixel image quality.According to your purpose you can get... Read More »

Could anyone pls tell me the type of cartridge to be used in hcl h505 printer I lost the original cartridge?

hcl h505 is the model number?What is the name of the printer?

I have a 2006 kia speatra and I like a radio that connect with on-star what kind of radio i could get.?

Could anyone tell us any movies documentaries crime reenactments series episodes that have security guards cops or SWAT team tied up with handcuffs ropes zip ties Working on an independent movie?