Can anyone suggest the best natural relief from toothache Ouch!?

Answer clove oil - available from pharmacies tastes minging but does the job

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OUCH! Need sunburn relief - FAST...?

Try going to a drug store and getting a product that has an aloe vera gel and putting it in the refridgerator before you put it on. That usually works for me!

Over the counter toothache/pain relief (in the UK)?

"swishing whisky" what a great couple of words Mike :) I was on holiday with a terrible wisdom tooth once, and I used vodka to try and get it to stop hurting quite so much. Have you tried Codeine t... Read More »

What is the best over the counter pain relief for toothache?

Ibuprofen + Anbesol. Gargling with warm salt water will help, too.

Anyone know of any relief for a toothache pain pills not working.?

Clove oil rubbed on the gums around the tooth.Also, at Wal-Mart, in the denture section, there is a little tube of medication, that comes in a little box; calledBenzodine, Benzident, Benz-somethin... Read More »