Can anyone suggest me good blogs over Cloud Computing?

Answer there is lots of blog are there, where you get good information about cloud computing. My personal Favorite is is new but you can get good update.Thanks

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What do they mean by "cloud computing"?

Cloud computing is when a company stores customer and other information on the Internet rather than in their own hard drives.

What is a cloud computing laptop?

This is a central laptop that acts as the sole access point to the computing needs of a network or a consumer's needs. This is usually a powerful laptop with multi-core processors and cloud-specifi... Read More »

How cloud computing came in india?

According to IDC, India is facing an information explosion with digital data growing from 40.000 petabytes in 2010 to 2.3-million petabytes in 2020 – with the cloud in the middle as Indian compan... Read More »

Pls give some idea about cloud computing?

The possibilities of cloud computing are enormous! Cloud computing allows one site to store vast amounts of memory (and even processing), before doling it out in adequate amounts to connected rece... Read More »