Can anyone suggest an effective home remedy for insomnia?

Answer stop drinking sugared and / or caffeine drinks, especially about four-six hours before bed.especially soda!!!! you'll be bouncing off the walls!

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Can somebody suggest a good home remedy for sore throat?

Try some tea (perhaps green tea) with some honey. Also try the throat sprays (chloroseptic)...if you get the spray into the right spot, it works wonders.

Suggest me only a home remedy to remove facial hair?

Homemade Sugaring Wax2 cups sugar1/4 cup lemon or lime juice1/4 cup waterCandy ThermometerCombine ingredients and cook for about 10 minutes. The mixture will boil rapidly and you should stir consta... Read More »

A effective home remedy for pimples?

Crushed aspirin and water... Mix it into a paste and put it on the pimple overnight until it is gone..Best of luck!

What is the number one most effective home remedy for acne scars?

okay good question i just tell you about some natural remedies and they are work. More info you can see this: