Can anyone sponsore me I AM FROM AFRICA?

Answer Have a word with Madonna. That's HER province.

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How many miles is it from the northern tip of Africa to the southern tip of Africa?

The northernmost tip of Africa is commonly cited as Ras ben Sakka, Tunisia. The southernmost point of Africa is Cape Agulhas, Western Cape, South Africa. The route from Africa's northern tip to its... Read More »

Animals from Algeria, Africa?

Algeria is a country in North Africa, bordered by Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mali and Niger. It is the largest country on the Mediterreanean Sea and the second largest country in Afri... Read More »

How is palm oil transported to the U.K. from Africa?

The international trade in palm oil is fast growing, but the industry is no stranger to controversy. Many have raised concerns about the ethical and ecological standards applied, or not applied, al... Read More »

How many people in Africa die from malaria?

The World Health Organization reports that in 2008, of the approximately 863,000 global malaria deaths, about 767,000 occurred in Africa. Further, WHO estimates that African nations account for 85%... Read More »