Can anyone share any experiences they had with getting a hysterectomy?

Answer Hi Irky. I had a full hysterectomy in September 2007 after they discovered a 6.5 inch diameter ovarian cyst, that went all the way to the other ovary. I was on pain meds until my surgery. I chose t... Read More »

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Has anyone had any bad experiences with starbucks?

Drink wise, not really. I always get a standard grande latte and its hard to mess up on that. However, I did have this one girl that told me that if i wanted to read the newspaper, i would have to ... Read More »

Has anyone ever had experiences with sleep paralysis?

I have them on a monthly basis, I did some researching and asked a university professor, and he said that there are many different causes. Stress being one, and depression being anotherHe also said... Read More »

Where can I get pennywort from and does anyone have any personal experiences with it?

Pennywort is also known as centella asiatica, gotu kola, asiatic and indian pennywort, brahmi, marsh pennywort, common pennywort, waternavel, sombrevillo de aqua, bachelor's buttons and penny grass... Read More »

Jerry Baker Anyone have more experiences with his gardening tonics?

I have tried his tonic for my lawn that uses a can of beer, a can of soft drink, half cup of ammonia, half a cup of dishsoap (not antibacterial) and half a cup of mouthwash. I pretty much received ... Read More »