Can anyone request a police record?

Answer A police record is also known as a rap sheet or a criminal record. Anyone can get a copy of a police record, or arrest record. This is considered a public record and open to anyone who wants it.Sou... Read More »

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Can you request a breathylyser test if you see a police officer and are unsure if you are over the legal limit?

If you are unsure I would say that they would not waste the time and or money to do this just to help up, instead they would likely arrest you for public intoxication.Good luck and drive safe.

Can you still become a police officer with a DUI on your record?

The requirements for becoming a police officer vary by jurisdiction. Generally, most police departments will not hire someone to become a police officer if he has a criminal conviction within seven... Read More »

What should your criminal record look like to be able to become a police officer?

Each year, thousands of Americans apply to become police officers. Many are attracted to the opportunity to help others and to the reliability of law enforcement careers. An aspiring police officer... Read More »

Can you become a police officer with two DUIs on your record?

Guidelines for applying for a job as a police officer vary from department to department. Generally, any crimes of a misdemeanor or felony will hinder chances of being hired. Exceptions are sometim... Read More »