Can anyone recommend what you have with fish?

Answer It depends on how you're cooking it. A suggestion which sounds strange but tastes nice is to lay filleted white fish in a baking tray, season to taste and then cover with thinly sliced apple and th... Read More »

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I am slightly obsessed with Earl Grey tea. Could anyone recommend tea with a similar taste Or a good brand ?

Taxo makes an excellent brand of Earl Grey

Can anyone recommend a decent film that will make me have a good cry :)?

'Inside I'm dancing' really made me cry,its that kind of film where you re laughing one minute then crying you re lamps out the next or 'Braveheart',cried from start to finish ,don't know if its be... Read More »

Can Anyone Recommend A Compact Digital Camera With Cool Effects?

Try any Canon like the sx230hs. It just came out and has my very very favorite option. You pick one color and the camera only sees that like a red rose or the green in a shirt. Love it. Plus it has... Read More »

I'm looking for a really good digital camera. Can anyone recommend one they have or would buy £300 max?

I have recently purchased an Olympus 700 All weather digital camera it is a 7.1Megapixel camera and I have to say that it is without doubt the best camera I have ever ownedThere are so many setting... Read More »