Can anyone recommend an alternative to Norton?

Answer First you need to delete it so it doesn't conflict with another anti-virus program. You can't have 2 virus checkers running at the same time.Second I recommend downloading and running ALL of the fo... Read More »

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Our Norton security has just ran out can anyone recommend a free alternative.?

These are tools I can recommend as reliable, having tested all of them within the last two months (I love my drive imaging software!)firewall:Comodo (, orPC Tools (http://www.... Read More »

Hi my Norton Security as just expired. Can anyone recommend a free download one.?

First of all download the free version of AVG - That will protect you for a while. I have upgraded that to the paid for version of AVG, it seems to me to be one of the best in th... Read More »

Could anyone recommend an alternative graphics card to the nvidia GTX 295?

The GTX 295 is very high end, so there are many options. The Radeon 4870X2 is probably down in price a bit, with the recent release of 5000 series cards.However, linking two cards for increased per... Read More »

Which one do you recommend, AVG or Norton Antivirus?

I've been using Norton Antivirus since it first came out.Until AVG came out of the market and I had a chance to evaluate the two application. And the result is......AVG Wins!! ! ! ! ! !