Can anyone recommend a good standalone file shredding utility?

Answer…the spybot program also has a shredder if you allow advanced menu.

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Where to get good shredding services around Kathmandu valley?

Well there are a lot of options where you can get shredding services around kathmandu valley. You can search for the nearest by your side and go. You can get really good shredding services around k... Read More »

Is the ps3 as good of a blu ray player as standalone devices?

PS3 is a great blu ray player.However, if you are going to buy it, make sure it do use it for the gaming. Watching a blu ray movie on a ps3 uses 3x the amount of power than on a regular blu ray pl... Read More »

What is file compression utility?

File compression utilities reduce file sizes through a compression algorithm, resulting in a different file format. In most cases, they can also decompress files and restore them to their original ... Read More »

What is the file extension rename utility?

A file extension rename utility is a computer program that can be used to rename one or multiple file extensions. The program works by automatically changing a file extension to whatever the user ... Read More »