Can anyone recommend a good nursery and infant school?

Answer Read OFSTED reports they always contain a part about parents and how they view the school, a lot of schools now have a web site you can access, these are good because childrens work is sometimes di... Read More »

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How do I decorate an infant nursery?

ThemeSelect the theme you want to feature in the room. Although you'll also be looking at colors, the theme may influence your choice. Think about what types of images appeal to you for your baby's... Read More »

I need a portable scanner for teaching at my language school, can anyone recommend a good one?

Get the G-3110 from HP. It is compact, portable and has a slot to scan books easily and quickly.

Have you had the H1N1 virus From your experience would you recommend the vaccine for an infant?

I personally would NOT get it for anyone in the house hold if they are healthy individuals.A public health emergency was declared right after my son was born in April for the H1N1 but a public heal... Read More »

What is a Nursery School?

Our school is called a nursery school, it is NOT a daycare. Our school is over 30 years old and I think when it was named, nursery school was a more popular term than preschool. I don't think the... Read More »