Can anyone recommend a digital camera, where the flash isnt too overpowering?

Answer There is something wrong with the flash setup.All digital cameras by default have the flash balanced to match the distance of the auto-focus point for the best exposure. You will only get an overe... Read More »

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What the Difference between digital camera flash and film camera flash?

Mostly trigger voltage is different.Older film flashes used higher voltages, which if used with newer digital cameras can fry the sensitive circuitry in it.A good practice to follow would be to buy... Read More »

What digital camera would you recommend?

I purchased a Casio Exilm Ex-Z1000 about 5 Months ago and have had an absolutely wonderful experience with it thus far. At around 249$ this camera is an Awsome buy. The quality of pictures that I h... Read More »

What's the best digital camera or recommend?

You didn't specify your budget or your photographic interests, which leads me to believe that you are new at digital photography. Please forgive me making the assumption that you are looking for a... Read More »

Can you recommend a digital camera?

I have had about 15 digi cameras. I am in the Army and tend to be rough with them. I have settled down now and found the last camera I ever want. HP Photosmart. Huge touch screen and optical zoom, ... Read More »