Can anyone recommend a better HDD?

Answer I got a deskstar myself, or well a 500GB one. The older ones were known as "deathstar" rather then deskstar as they didnt last that long. however that was many many years ago and today most hard dr... Read More »

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Can anyone recommend a printer?

go to there site me thinks they do offers for students,failing that do a part exchange all else fails drop me a line, looking at you photo ill come and do it long hand :)x

Can anyone recommend a tripod?

Most tripods will fit your camera. Just get the heaviest you can find at that price.

Can anyone recommend an alternative to Norton?

First you need to delete it so it doesn't conflict with another anti-virus program. You can't have 2 virus checkers running at the same time.Second I recommend downloading and running ALL of the fo... Read More »

Anyone recommend a decent laptop?

Hi J,Laptops have been coming down in price steadily recently, which means you can get some great spec machines for a lot less than you would have done in the past. Around your budget of £500 you ... Read More »