Can anyone reccomend a good make of pc mouse. dont like the wireless ones.?

Answer logitech used a corded optical for years - never any problems ....

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I dont know how to put battey on my wireless mouse?

What is a good wireless keyboard and mouse that is compatible with mac?

Well, you're not going to find much under 35-40 dollars... but you could start by looking at the keyboard/mouse from apple itself. I have the apple wireless mouse, and it works fantastically. It al... Read More »

Is there a good bluetooth wireless mouse for the MacBook?

Mac is easier to use, but there are some things, software, hardware, etc. Apple makes good components, if you want a diffrent mouse, get with Mac, they will have what is compatable with a MAC. If... Read More »

I nicked a mouse from school and the wheel on it dont work but the rest of the mouse does?

Just go into 'Control Panel' and adjust the settings for the mouse!!!Not that I condone theft!!!