Can anyone plz send me invtation code of

Answer I will lead you to the way to get Demonoid subscription.Make as your default webpage and each time you access it will check Demonoid website, be patient and you will get the subscr... Read More »

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Does anyone know how long it takes orange to send unlock code for iphone 4s?

Usually take them 24 to 48 hours.. But you need to connect to iTunes and sync it.. After that there should be a message sayin congrats your iPhone is now unlocked

Coby TV and the universal code is not on the list for my comcast cable remote I tried the universal code on their website that isn't it Anyone know what the code is?

If you are a DirecTV or Cox subscriber, you may sync a universal remote to your television using code 1548 or 11548. These codes are for use with the following Coby television models: TFTV1022, T... Read More »

Does anyone need a shopkick promo code (Code is "pineapple932")?

Yours didn't work, but the code "Peach2321" gave me 100 points!!!

Do ham radio operators have to send Morse code?

The Federal Communications Commission no longer requires ham operators to use Morse code and eliminated testing on it as of February 23, 2007. All three license classes--Technician, General and Ext... Read More »