Can anyone please tell me what is the best thing to take in order to cure a bad sore throat?

Answer gargle with warm salt water.Sip regular tea...NOT herbal!Sleep with a humidifier to soothe your throat.Suck on hard candy.Take some motrin or aspirin with food.

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Sore throat and swollen thing in back of throat.?

Definitely a severe infection. Make an appointment to see your doctor or get to a med clinic. You will need antibiotics indefinitely. In the meantime, gurgle some warm water mixed with natural sea ... Read More »

What's the best cure for a sore throat?

salt water is good lol...i sometimes take a few sips when i gargle w/ it....crazy i know

Best cure for a sore throat?

Do you know anything to cure a sore throat?

A tablespoon of pure honey on a cup of warm water and half the juice of a lemon, you gargle with ita nd the next day you are as good as new.