Can anyone please list a number of ways we can solve high tuition rates for college?

Answer Most people who go to college don't need to. It does them no good, or they drop out. So the answer is, stop going to college. Fire all the Rich Professors who do jack squat. Concentrate on teaching... Read More »

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College tuition rates?

Folks who get married for this reason are often sady disappointed. They assume they will automatically be "entitled to thousands" of free money just because they tied the knot. This is simply not... Read More »

List of College Tuition Fees?

When applying for college, students and parents must consider the total cost of a college education. Within that total cost are the college tuition fees. These differ based on the type of college t... Read More »

List of College Tuition Costs?

The importance of a college education is growing all the time. However, the cost for college ranges widely, from local community colleges at $26 per class unit to the top-ranked, elite private scho... Read More »

How to Solve Imaginary Number Problems in College Algebra?

Imaginary numbers are numbers that, when squared, give a negative result. In mathematics, this property is not possible in the real number system -- thus, imaginary numbers were created. The symbol... Read More »