Can anyone please help me out so i can stop feeling depressed & stressed out ?

Answer I know how difficult it can be when you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and at your age its even scary because you're in young adult time (lol) but take it easy try to relax... Read More »

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How to Tell Your Parents You're Feeling Depressed?

These are the most prominent thoughts that come to mind concerning parent/child communication of depression or any other vital topic:

Im feeling lonely and depressed?

Hi Ryan!Thank you so much for reaching out for help! It sounds like you struggle with your depression when you have no one around to talk to. Have you talked to your parents about the times you hav... Read More »

How to Be Emo Without Being Depressed and Feeling Suicidal?

Are you a teen or tween that is Emo because your life went down so you turned to cutting yourself, locking yourself in rooms, hiding from others or even feeling suicidal...Well not after you read t... Read More »

How can you tell if a person is feeling depressed?

Symptoms of depression are great in number, and can not be very noticeable sometimes, some are: loss or gain in appetite, hypersomnia or insomnia, loss of energy, causing harm to them self, less en... Read More »