Can anyone please explain this pain?

Answer nerve interference from upper neck vertebral subluxation. see an hio method chiropractor.

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Intense right shoulder pain, what is it Please anyone that has a clue, plz answer. Going nuts in pain?

EDIT IN RESPONSE TO YOUR ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Okay, I'm sorry, I thought from your post that you were avoiding the doctor to date and you only did that at first LOL, but have been having it treated... Read More »

Can ANYONE Explain This?

Sudden cardiac death could mean a fatal arrthymia, not necessarily a large "heart attack" caused by a blocked artery.In young people, a sudden onset of a fatal arrthymia, such as ventricular fibril... Read More »

Can anyone please explain for me Hi-Fi system utilization in domestic home theater ?

1. A Hi Fi system is one that reproduces sound over a full frequency range of human hearing, can handle loud listening levels with very low distortion. It now also means stereo (two speakers)2. ... Read More »

Somebody PLEASE explain this New stance on circumcision?

Circumcision medical literature reflects the pro-circumcision bias of circumcised American researchers who seek to find benefits and avoid studying the harms of circumcision. The answer to any rese... Read More »