Can anyone name me this tendon above my outer ankle bone?

Answer theres a muscle not a tendon just above the knobbly bone on the outer ankle, if its more toward the front of the ankle, there is a horizontal tendon there, think its called retinaculum. you should ... Read More »

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Why do I have a pain in my ankle like where my tendon is!!!HELP ME ?

Hello,First of all I am sorry that you have this pain/soreness, it must be frustrating.There are many factors for foot pain, the most common one is bad footwear and a combination of specific foot b... Read More »

I have a sprained ankle that was do I see if a tendon or ligament is injured?

....→tendon not working very well→tendon popped upGood luck!

When i twist my foot to the right it hurts on the left side below the outside ankle bone?

The outside process(on your ankle) is called a lateral malleolus. This area will usually be painful after a twisting sprain type injury. Just restrict movement(ankle brace) for a while to give it a... Read More »

12 Weeks post ankle ORIF for bimalleolar ankle fracture, discontinuous mild pain in the ankle, is it serious?