Can anyone name 3 foods that they like with Bread 3 foods they they like with French Fries?

Answer Cold meat loaf sandwiches.Club sandwiches.Lunch meat sandwiches.Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.I could go on and on.French fries with a cheeseburger.With sandwiches.By themselves.

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Can you name 3 foods that you like with Butter 3 foods that you like with French Fries?

Baked potatoCorn on the cobBreadI rarely eat french fries.They are good when dipped in buffalo sauce.Or covered with chipotle seasoning.(((Scooter))) :)

What are some typical french foods?

oh i can help u here!!!croque monsiercrepesquicheclafoutiescargotcroissantbriocheilles flotanttartinepatehmmm i cant remember more right now, sorry serious blank but i hope that helps

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French Foods for Kids?

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