Can anyone hlp me pay off my debt of £32000?

Answer Unfortunately I haven't got the funds but you may take advantage of my experience. Whatever you do, don't take the advice of any company who advertises. They are not interested in helping you only ... Read More »

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Anyone heard of the American Express Consumer Debt Management Plan?

Hi all,Same thing, one came to my current address for almost 9,000 and the other went to my former address for a bit over 1,800. I had 2 amex accounts and went through CCCS. It is a refund of the... Read More »

Does anyone else feel like paying for college with little to no debt at the end is going to be impossible?

It's definitely possible to graduate from uni without any debt ;o) I attended undergraduate solely on scholarships and grants. (Graduate school, however, can be a different story, even with fellows... Read More »

Is there anyone else out there with 65K in student loan debt, as an undergraduate?

right here! more than half at 12% variable interest. oh yeah. i'm screwed BIG TIME. thanks sallie mae. douch bags

How Long Does a Debt Collector Have to Respond to a Request for Evidence of Debt?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires lenders and collectors to abide by rules and regulations to ensure that borrowers are being treated fairly and with respect. One of these rules is th... Read More »