Can anyone help solve any of my computer problems!! 10 points!?

Answer That is a lot of things!Overheating: Laptops overheat because their fans suck in dust, lint, and hair and that clogs up the airways and fans, so the ventilation is greatly reduced. Get one of tho... Read More »

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A computer question I can't solve hehe easy 10 points!!!haha?

hehe one of these hehe1)Buy Original 2)Keep using it if laws are not strict where you live3)Switch to Linux

How can science help solve environmental problems?

There are a number of ways in which science can help find solutions to serious environmental problems such as pollution and anthropogenic global warming. Science also can help in the development of... Read More »

How to Solve GED Math Problems From Help Sites?

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Can anyone help solve my ps3 surround sound problem?

If your 5.1 receiver supports HDMI, simply connect a HDMI cable from your PS3 to your receiver, and a HDMI cable from your receiver to your TV. (easiest solution)If your 5.1 receiver supports HD o... Read More »