Can anyone help me with referrals for an iPhone from

Answer Here are some options: 1. Your phone is turned off: press the button on the upper side of the Iphone for around 5 seconds.2. The sim-Lock on your Iphone is enabled so your phone doesn't work proper... Read More »

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I need help from anyone with a JVC HD Camcorder or anyone who knows about MOI nad MOD files or converting them?

The files from the JVC HDD camcorders are already in mpeg2 format, but with .mod file extensions. You only need to copy over the .mod files to your computer and rename them to .mpg files. Then th... Read More »

Can anyone suggest a website or tutorial to help with writing code for the iPhone?

Its' different connection socket for iphone 3g and 3gs. Please check images here :

How to Make Money With Referrals Online?

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Can anyone help with sewer smells coming from our shower?

Usually, this means that there isn't enough water in to keep the trap pipe (see ref) filled. Usually more likely to happen in a less humid environment - is this bathroom normally have dry air in i... Read More »