Can anyone help me with my printer?

Answer The cartridge may be defective or some firmware/hardware issue.See if any of these hp guides help?

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Can anyone help me with my printer please?

Swear at it; that usually works for me.If that fails, take a baseball bat to it.

I have a probelm with my printer..can anyone help me?

Here's the link ... select your platform (windows xp, vista, 2000, etc.)then follow the instructions:…You should be able to use the printer after that.

Can anyone give me a very good brand of printer .. I have a printer by HP..PSC1350 it sucks.. help?

First you need to decide what you want from the printer and then ask!There are printers good in one area and others good in another.If you print in BW - > laser printerProfessional color - > Dye Su... Read More »

I need to buy a printer but i dont know which one goes with home vista can anyone help please !!!!?

Buy a Canon. has Vista drivers.Edit to below: HP??? Have you seen the price of refills? Compare that with the Canon.