Can anyone help me find out what's going on with me?

Answer One eye is droopy? Is that the same side as the ear & does the same side of you face feel a little strange? That is Bells Palsy--an inflammation of the cranial nerve--7th one, the facial. What c... Read More »

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Whats The Best Tv Channel To Find NBA ESPN?

ESPN is a channel that specializes in providing a variety of sporting events to the public. The ESPN channel is usually an additional fee to be able to view it, and they offer all of the NBA games,... Read More »

Whats a cure for hearburn i can find around the house?

Baking sodaHeartburn is caused by excess acid. Vinegar is acidic, will just make it worse.Level tablespoon, (depending on your weight) in a 12 oz glass of water. Stir, drink, ahhhh...relief!

Whats the best website to find directions by train?

Start with the MTA's website: the right side there is a place Trip Planner) to enter your starting point and destination.If I knew where in Brooklyn you are starting from an... Read More »

Whats the earliest week in pregnancy that you can find out the gender of your baby?