Can anyone help me figure out how to scan a document into word?

Answer well, thanks for your comment, looks like we all have things to learn, for instance, me trying to be better at writing English(which is my second language) and you using word.

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How do I scan a document into Microsoft Word?

Scan and Save Your DocumentPut your document on the scanner and launch your scanner's imaging software. For example, if you have a Dell scanner, you would launch the Dell Imaging Toolbox. If you ha... Read More »

Can I scan a document and get it into word so it can be edited?

Once you scan it in, save it as a JPEG and get the Free ocr program called FreeOCR. It will open the scanned jpeg and automatically convert to editable text in seconds. Or you can click on the MS W... Read More »

How do i scan a document into word 2007?

Microsoft Office Word 2007 offers built-in blogging, improved security, better interaction with e-mail, smaller file formats, and a sleeker look than its predecessor Word 2003; but many users are l... Read More »

How do I change a document that I scan into a Word doc. ?

You need OCR (optical character reader) that can read scan document, make out text in it and allow you to edit it...Should be available as add-on software that came with your canon scanner.http://w... Read More »