Can anyone help: My eye is red and might be infected!?

Answer For something like that I'd definitely seek medical attention as apposed to a home remedy. If you see your regular doctor, they'll probably refer you to an eye specialist. So go to your regular doc... Read More »

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Can you get infected with HIV if you swallow HIV infected blood?

Does this cut look infected?

No it looks ok to me. Just keep applying antisceptic and make sure you eat Plenty of protein so you heal quicker. If it starts to ooze pus, the area becomes extremely inflamed, or you get a fever a... Read More »

What do i do about my infected cut?

Nerve damage is the cause of the ache. There really not much you can do now. Your body has lots of layers and they can move freely a lot like playing cards in a stack but, if there is a cut that go... Read More »

Help I think my ear is infected!?

Peroxide will help. You might be allergic to the earrings.