Can anyone give me some advice on how to get a good amount of subscribers?

Answer Getting your channel/video's viewed is all about content, presentation and networking. You must then keep 'Growing' your channel and it's audience.To get views you need:a) Good content.And/or: b) G... Read More »

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Can anyone give me some advice on how to face your own mortality?

Kat,I don't know what my chances are.We are all mortal.You may continue in the near future, living life to the fullest, and then find you can enjoy many years to come with your new outlook.I could ... Read More »

Can anyone give good advice when got bad migraine?

I can't really add to what others have said, but it's worth considering that a food may have triggered it. The main culprits are chocolate, cheese, wine (particularly red), or citrus fruits. Some... Read More »

Hi anyone can give me some good information my husband is 38 yr Old?

It sounds like low blood sugar, he should be tested by your doctor;

How to Give People Advice and Make Them Think It's Good Advice?

At some point in your life, you will be confronted with a situation where someone comes to you looking for advice. If completely clueless or indifferent to the other person's emotional needs, follo... Read More »