Can anyone give me some Physical Activities?

Answer As in for a young child, physical could mean anywhere from deep tissue exercise to a little fun and play.Little fun and play activities:Duck Duck GooseHide and SeekSimon says (Jump up and down, run... Read More »

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Dance & Rhythmic Pattern Activities in Physical Activities?

The American Heart Association lists dance as one of the best ways to incorporate active play into adult life, and learning institutions include dance for PE classes across the country. According t... Read More »

How to Give Physical Attention to Your Girlfriend?

Wanna know the way to kiss her just right, so she'll be hooked on your kisses or touches forever? (For teens)

Can missing someone give you physical symptoms?

Yes.Headaches, upset stomachs, muscle tension, lower moods, other physical symptoms caused by anxiety and stress, etc are common.

Physical Activities for "Cat in the Hat" Day?

Physical activities for Cat in the Hat Day enable students to test their balance and coordination by replicating some of the tricks and physical feats of the "Cat in the Hat." Use ordinary objects ... Read More »