Can anyone give me hand with this please! it's burning like hell and swelling up?

Answer cold bath! before you get in make sure you constantly rinse for about 10 minutes with clean water.

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Has anyone tryed this or bought this please give your opinion on..?

I haven't tried it yet but I really really want to. I've heard great things about it.

Bee Sting- Painful swelling next day/burning and itching please help?

I have been keeping honey bees for several years now and i feel pretty confident about answering this one. Some form of benidryl or antihistamine will help with the itching and possibly the swellin... Read More »

Has anyone ever used this medication Montair 10 manufactured by Cipla if you do or if you have used it at one time Please Please give me some feed back thanks..?

yes i have used montair. its very effective and cheap to singular....

Hey!! Give me a hand with this if you know a lot about Facebook!?

you cant do it with your own gif, the only one that works is the cat oneit's all explained here…